Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!!

As the title suggests...Seasons Greetings to everyone! We hope you have a very successful and memorable 2011. We most certainly will be!

Right, hold onto your hats kids as Operation Beastmaker will be commencing shortly!

Greg sets sail for France on 16/01/2011 with me being in hot pursuit on 30/01/2011. Our fingers will be caressing the fine sandstone of Fontainebleau from 01/02/2011 and so the CrushFest will begin from around 02/02/2011. Exciting Times!

I visited the newly erected Reading Climbing Centre on Thursday of this week and 6 hours later I was dragged out of the building, by construction workers, wondering how they were going to piece my broken body together.
I haven't had a workout like that in ages! I managed to do 2 "World Cup Standard" problems (orange coloured) which falls into the V8+ range and a whole host of blue coloured problems that range from V6 - V8. I thought the colour grading system is very user friendly and is reminiscent of a "Font like circuit" without the dramatic rock-hugging top-outs that most of us know all too well! The problems were quite interesting and worthy of a return at some point after the trip.

I have also handed in my notice at work which was a sad occasion for me as I will miss all my friends and colleagues.

We are eagerly awaiting more gear from Cotswold so we can tie up the last few ends of the trip, ready for departure.

We are also going to be speaking to Panasonic and PC World / Curry's to see if they could assist us with regards to a laptop and HD camera...Fingers crossed!

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