Euro -Trippin

Here are the details of the Euro Trip that we will embark on shortly.

1) France - Fontainebleau (Feb - Mid Apr)
2) Spain - Albarracin (Mid Apr - June)
3) Portugal - Sintra (Mid June - July)
4) Spain - Mallorca DWS (July - August)
5) Switzerland - Magic Wood (Mid August - October)
6) Italy - Mello (October - December)
7) France - Fontainebleau (Mid December -Jan)

Goals for Greg

At the moment I am just too psyched for the trip to have any specific goals, such as any particular test pieces that I wish to climb. I am sure this view will change as I become more immersed in the lifestyle. Saying that one boulder has just come to mind that will be at the top of my list of things to do. The route is called "Rubis sur l'ongle" and yes as you have probably guessed it is in Fountainebleau. More specifically Gorge aux chats. This is a Font 7b problem and would be a really good way of getting the journey started. My ultimate goal is to boulder Font 8a. This I appreciate, at my current level of ability, is a bit optimistic but what's the point in setting a goal that is easily attainable?

Goals for Chris

The most important goal for the trip will be to remain injury free. If I can do this everything else will fall into place.
More specific goals would be to climb -

Karma, Neverland, La Berezina, Eclipse, Arabesque and Aerodynamite (Fontainebleau).
Cosmos, Batman and Techo Don Pepo (Albarracin).
The ultimate goal being to climb a V13 / Font 8B boulder problem on the trip...fingers crossed!