Sunday, 30 January 2011

Operation Beastmaker commences and Thank you Berghaus!!!

It seems like yesterday that Greg and I decided to make plans, to take a year out and go pursue our burning desire for bouldering (see Climbing Jargon Buster page for explanation). At some points it seemed like it was never going to happen (well at least for me! Those who know me closely know what I'm talking about...enough said.) but through all the trials and tribulations, here I am packing my bags ready to jump on a boat. I really hope they allow me to sail...I've got so much baggage.

When I arrive in France we need to sort a few things out (get stickers placed on the van) and then we will be heading out. The first ascents will probably be made mid-week.

I would just like to thank Berghaus for donating us 2 of their ,high end, water-proof jackets at the last minute. We really appreciate it and they will help us more than you know.

I would also like to thank our families, friends and anyone that has helped in some way. Your support (and continued support) means alot...look after yourselves.

Every adventure or goal starts with an idea and a step...I'm taking that step today and in the process leaving all my concerns, anxieties and fears behind. Maybe you should Bruce Lee once said, "Be like water my like water"...


Monday, 24 January 2011

I know...I know...and GO COTSWOLD!!!

Operation Beastmaker Update:

It has been awhile since I last posted but Greg and I have been running around like lunatics trying to finalise everything for the trip. The bottom line is 99% of Operation Beastmaker  has commenced. Greg left for France on 16 Jan 2011 with 1 x Van containing all our possessions for the trip. He is currently being forced to landscape his parents extensive chateau using a knife and fork...sorry there. I leave this Sunday 30 Jan 2011 with Operation Beastmaker graphics to be placed on the side of the van. If you see us on the journey then please come over and say Hi. It will be great to meet you!

Cotswold Update:

Cotswold Outdoor, Hedge End, have seriously gone out of their way to help us and we can't thank them enough for their kindness. We have pretty much received £1000 worth of essential gear for around £400! We're going to do our best to make this an unbelievable trip and get some excellent photos and video to show how grateful we are to Cotswold Outdoor for all their efforts. It goes without saying that if you need any outdoor related clothing, equipment etc...they should be your first point of call. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to greet you.

Climbing Update:

I can't really say that I have been climbing much of late. Most of the time I've been lying low trying to conserve the rapidly vanishing money...however I can say I completed another one of my long-term indoor projects at Fort Purbrook which was awesome! It was a + 12 month "love affair" but it received the ascension that it deserved.

I also went to the Reading Climbing Wall yesterday with my good friends. To say it was busy would be an understatement! There was some quality route setting and some high calibre climbers crushing the problems. It was nice to see some familiar faces (Stu, Peter and Mark - drop me a line on FB or something) and meet new people (Sofian - if you're reading this you are a monster and should be fined for having guns the size of my thighs).

I'll add some more updates before I go but that's all I have to say for now. Hope everyone is avoiding those injuries and pushing their own boundaries as much as possible.

Speak soon!


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!!

As the title suggests...Seasons Greetings to everyone! We hope you have a very successful and memorable 2011. We most certainly will be!

Right, hold onto your hats kids as Operation Beastmaker will be commencing shortly!

Greg sets sail for France on 16/01/2011 with me being in hot pursuit on 30/01/2011. Our fingers will be caressing the fine sandstone of Fontainebleau from 01/02/2011 and so the CrushFest will begin from around 02/02/2011. Exciting Times!

I visited the newly erected Reading Climbing Centre on Thursday of this week and 6 hours later I was dragged out of the building, by construction workers, wondering how they were going to piece my broken body together.
I haven't had a workout like that in ages! I managed to do 2 "World Cup Standard" problems (orange coloured) which falls into the V8+ range and a whole host of blue coloured problems that range from V6 - V8. I thought the colour grading system is very user friendly and is reminiscent of a "Font like circuit" without the dramatic rock-hugging top-outs that most of us know all too well! The problems were quite interesting and worthy of a return at some point after the trip.

I have also handed in my notice at work which was a sad occasion for me as I will miss all my friends and colleagues.

We are eagerly awaiting more gear from Cotswold so we can tie up the last few ends of the trip, ready for departure.

We are also going to be speaking to Panasonic and PC World / Curry's to see if they could assist us with regards to a laptop and HD camera...Fingers crossed!