Special Thanks

Cotswold Outdoor @ www.cotswoldoutdoor.com :

Massive thanks to Ben Stallard and the staff at Cotswold Outdoor Southampton for being so encouraging, friendly and supportive. Thank you for all the gear and clothing you have managed to help us with. You guys are stars!

Berghaus @ http://www.berghaus.com/en/homepage.html

Big  thanks to Chris Lines, Lindsey Spears and Yinni Maguire at Berghaus for supplying us with 2 waterproof jackets. We really appreciate it!

Iris, Massimo & Eleonora @ Centro Della Montagna: http://www.centrodellamontagna.it/

Haha! What more can be said about our Italian Family? They must've have cursed the day we walked into their hotel! We were trouble from the start!

I can't thank you enough! All the showers, food (Massimo - you're cooking genius!) and amazing hospitality...incredible. We were lucky to meet you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Love you guys very much!

GO Outdoor - Southampton: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk

Thanks to GO Outdoor - Southampton for donating us a double hob, gas stove and dinner set. Supper has been made alot easier because of you!

Cassin Team - Italy: http://www.camp.it/

Thanks to the Cassin Team for donating us a new Cassin Domino boulder pad, after out Metolius pad was stolen. Thank you so much! Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Thomas and Family @ Bodhi Climbing: http://www.bodhi.ch/

Huge thanks to Thomas & Family and Bodhi Climbing for helping us out with accomodation. If it wasn't for your kindness we wouldn't have been able to have such a successful and memorable climbing experience, in The MAGIC WOOD!!! Love you guys!

Glynn Volker @ Main-O Productions

Big props to my Boy for putting the promo video together and for the future editing he will be doing...if you didn't know now you do. Thanks!

Martyn "Betamax" Eales @ Calshot Activities Centre

Thanks for being an awesome bouldering partner and friend. Your knowledge and "power" over the years has helped both of us push ourselves in pursuit of ticking those difficult problems.

Murray Freestone @ Freestone Photography: www.murrayfreestone.com