Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Burger Monday - THE MOVIE!

Check out the exclusive Burger Monday Video: 

OK so the “craze” is sweeping through Europe. You’ve all heard about it, maybe from friends who were fortunate to have their lives forever changed by experiencing it first hand, or perhaps from hearing the rumours of the legend. Of course I am talking about “Burger Monday”.
Steeped in mystery and intrigue the event sometimes floats below the radar of mainstream perception, unnoticed. But it’s real, as real as the burger patties slapped on the bbq every Monday evening. Achieving an almost underground cult status from its dedicated followers the experience secures a very special place in the heart of the burger lover.
One of the most inspiring things about it is its ability to adapt to any conditions and make the most of the landscape. A downpour of rain is not enough to lessen the craving for burgers, a plan is put into action and a bbq shelter is erected quick time. If the sun is shining then the beach is the favoured location or perhaps someone’s back garden, the park?... who knows the concept is continually evolving.
Burger Monday is truly an overwhelming force and its popularity increases on a weekly basis. So many friendships have been made through this most noble of get-togethers. Affecting so many lives for the better it is difficult to predict how this social event will advance, only time will tell.
One thing is for sure Burger Monday is here to stay and continues to spread into the collective conscious like the grease from a burger spreading across a bread bun. If you haven’t embraced it into your lives, then why on earth not? Pick up the phone, get some friends around, stoke up the bbq and celebrate the day with a burger or two.
Are you in?

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