Friday, 9 September 2011


The usual suspects - getting pulled over by the Swizz old bill

Geir (our Swedish friend) - Animal!

Vegeta...trying to go Super Saiyan to climb to the next level

When running out of food you resort to desperate measures lol.
Doing our "chores" at the campsite.

"Gondoleering duty" aka poo stirring.

Chris & 


Chris on Piranja - 1st 7C+ / V10

Greg on the amazing Blown Away 7B. Intense!

Chris on Octopussy 8A / V11 (1st 8A) 
Greg - feeling exposed on Blindfisch 7B

Bruno Bloc

Chris on Nothing Changes 8A / V11 (2nd)

Greg on Jack the Chipper 7B+

Trying to overcome the fear of heights...Verzasca

Burger Monday

Portugese Man - O- War

Chris - Drop Knee "Master"

German WW2 bunkers

Sam "Motormouth" Dewhurst

Laura pulling on Wonderboy

Richard "3 Stripes" Hession on Octopussy

Andy "The Body" Vallintine

The Magic Wood Bridge Jumping Crew

Left to right - Half of Andy, Laura, Sam, Greg, Douche and Richard

Laura on the classic Grit De Luxe!!!

The Bodhi Family - left to right Chris, Science, Bamboo, Alycia (baby), Thomas and Greg

Greg on Hohenzone

Chris flashing Hohenraush 7B+ / V8+

Greg charging!

Chris, Em and Greg - car park times!!!

Fire Ninja!

Ghostly Images...

 Gaz, Greg, Sarah, Onza, Lucia, Janne and Meef

 More Car park times!!!

Tanned man, burgled van... 

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