This blog is the result of a bouldering trip to Albarracin, Spain in June 09.

On this trip we (Greg and I) were fortunate to meet an inspirational boulderer from Ireland (henceforth known as Ninja Rob), who really opened our minds to what the human body is capable of...when energy, power and focus are combined to achieve a desired result.

Upon our return, we realised our training regime was not intense enough to enter the ranks of the Elite. We had to take a serious look at what we were currently doing and make the necessary adjustments for this transformation to occur.

Using the training advice, words of wisdom and example handed down to us, by Ninja Rob, we took a good hard look at our current disposition and plotted a course of action which would, hopefully, see us reaching the next level...

We both had to tweak our training to meet our specific needs (see About for further info)...Operation Beastmaker was born.

The fanatical desire to be the best we could be, resulted in the idea of taking a year out of our normal working lives, to visit the best bouldering venues Europe has to offer. This would allow us to focus solely on bouldering and pit ourselves against established testpieces which would measure our progression.

In become...Beasts.