Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cotswold Update

It's been several weeks since our last post. We have been occupied with the logistic side of the trip - e-mailing various contacts, chasing leads and making sure our chariot is in good condition for the expedition. We have also been training (mainly indoors) as usual, making sure we stay in decent shape over the Festive Season...
"Do you really need to eat that - insert food of choice? When you fall off the last move of your project, dropping to your knees, screaming and crying, you will ask yourself...was it worth it?"

The van is going through somewhat of a metamorphosis in preparation for the "expedition". What started out as a lowly ex carpenters panel van has now been transformed into the epitome of mobile living. Well, perhaps not, what it does have is ply lining, carpet, 2 windows a leisure battery and a travel fridge. Hardly a "HYMER" recreational vehicle but should offer the practicality we need. The newest and most recent modification is that of a set of roof bars and a 900 litre roof box. Yes you read that correctly "900" litres, should be ample room for everything the traveling boulderer requires. Other than this we have just had to make sure that the vehicle is mechanically sound and find an insurance broker who offers 12 months European van insurance..... no easy feat I can personally confirm this! After many hours spent trawling through the internet and being shot down time and time again, success rained down upon us. For anyone who is having difficulty with this I would recommend checking out HIC. They are certainly worth looking into.

Anyway, I went to Cotswold on Tuesday and met up with a good friend that I hadn't seen in ages. It was great catching up with him. He then went to see if Ben (the Man himself) was available to see me...he came out however he was not alone...some shiny new gear following suit!
The gear comprised of a new Podsacs bouldering pad and North Face bag. Inside the bag were fleeces, t-shirts, chalk bag and chalk! I was immediately faced with the realization that the trip was most definitely happening and that the time of departure was fast approaching. It only seemed like just a few weeks ago that the idea for the trip was being conceived and here we are now almost ready to head off. The New Year should bring with it new gear and equipment and the vital warm clothing that we so require.

Just a few loose ends now to tie up before we go now...namely a laptop and HD camera. DOES ANYONE HAVE CONTACTS THAT CAN HELP US WITH THIS???

If you can then please e-mail us at . Your generosity wouldn't go unnoticed!!!

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