Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pictures speak a thousand words...

Chris working a classic Fred Nichole problem (Font) 

Greg in front of Fort Victor Emmanuel. 

Fort Victor Emmanuel 

Overlooking Portofino. 

"Primary colour man" holding the tower of Pisa in a vice-like grip! 

More tourist shots. 

First day in Rome 

The "Da Vinci Code" fountain at Piazza Navona 

Man wearing baseball cap in front of fountain

Chris doing a good impression of a tourist at Piazza Navona 

Chris in awe of the Pantheons dome and oculus 

Inside the Pantheon 

Chris against the background of granite columns 

A canoeist enjoying the Tiber River with the Vatican in the background.

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II 

From Monument Vittorio Emanuele II towards the Colosseum. 

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument

Chris psyched about the Colosseum  

Colosseum innards 

Poser in Colosseum 

"No, no, no. No Climbing" 

The Trevi Fountain. Mightily impressive 

Piazza della Repubblica  

Striking a pose 

A large "gravy boat" found at the bottom of the Spanish Steps 

The Spanish Steps 

Piazza di Spagna 

Man standing straight 

A beautiful erm... Skyline 

Whoop Whoop. At the Vatican 

If you look carefully you'll see a fountain 

Rather bland ceiling 

 Heavenly shot from inside St Peter's Basilica

St Peter's Basilica 

The model was very professional but the pigeons had to be coerced for the perfect shot. 

Not quite Saint-Tropez. Sunbathing at a petrol station.

Breakfast time in Val Masino 

A natural cross carved into the mountain. Amazing! 

Greg making friends with the local goat population. 

Mountain river. Val di Mello 

Long exposure shot of the skies above our camp 

Ivo giving bread... 

African drums during the Meloblocco festival. Very atmospheric! 

Chris making a point.. 

The Crazy Austrian - Dominic

Iris and Eleanora serving customers 

Massimo - Our Brutha 

Registration at Melloblocco 2011 

Daniele serving beer 

From left to right - Cherry-Pie, Hannah, Darren, Greg, Chris and Dominic 

Andy (Squeef) drawing a crowd on Megalodonte (Mens comp problem)

Chris projecting Unit Production (8A+) 

Greg holding the tension on Variante Ascari (7C) 

Ben in a compromising position...enough said! 

Adam "The Crusher" Watson on Il Brutto (8A) 

Meal Time in Val Di Mello  

Heroes of the day - CASSIN!!! 

Chris thanking Francesca Benedetti of CASSIN (at the prize-giving ceremony of Melloblocco 2011) for donating us a new boulder pad after our's was stolen in the night 

Chris and Greg with the bella Francesca Benedetti of Cassin :0) 

CHEERS!!! from left to right -Adam, Cherry-Pie, Darren, Greg, Squeef, Random Person, Ivo and Ahikam 

 Guitar time 

The signing of the pad

Massimo's cooking 

Adam on Diamante Sabbia (8A) 

Our informal settlement next to La Strapiombo 

Vagrant sleeping under Tarp (RIP) 

A beautiful picture of Tarp - you will be missed by many... 

Impatient Chris eyeing up Massimo's arm  

The guys waiting for their burgers (Burger Monday - Week 3) 

Adam passing on "The Stick of Power"! 
Primitive man wielding the power of the stick! 

The pose off 

Our extended family departs - sad times... 

The aftermath of Squeef trying to burn down our van. Chris's towel pays the ultimate sacrifice in dowsing the flames. Close call! 

 "Frogman". After losing the central locking device in the Glacial river Greg redeems himself by braving the icy cold water to retrieve said locking device.

Greg...enough said 

Front flip  

Centro Della Montagna 

Chris working Bad Ass (8A) 

Massimo jolling the Digiridoo 

Our Italian Family - Massimo, Chris, Iris, Eleanora and Greg 

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