Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Video: Melloblocco festival 2011 at Centro Della Montagna and Thank You's

Here's a video that we put together showcasing Melloblocco 2011. We made so many new friends and had a truly amazing time. The video is also a way of us thanking our "Italian family" at Centro Della Montagna for being so kind and sympathetic to us over the past month. Iris, Massimo and Eleanora...They let us charge our camera batteries, take showers, cooked us some amazing meals and organised a pair of goggles for us when we lost the central locking device in the river, when filming Glacial River Surfing (coming soon)! Without their help this leg of the trip would not have been documented as well as it has and we wouldn't be able to get into the van without breaking into it. We can't thank you enough, we will miss you guys. Lots of love, Chris and Greg


We would also like to thank Francesca Benedetti and the Cassin team for donating us a new boulder pad after someone stole ours. Thank you so much!

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