Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Continuing from where I left off from the previous post (Arrivals, departures, victory and The MOTIVATOR)...

The conditions were perfect to try and complete Aerodynamite (7B+) which is another classic and another problem on my list. I was on a high after completing La Berezina (7C) and naturally assumed that Aerodynamite would fall...that's when I said the words that would change everything...
"Hey Greg, I'm going to get this done now...I can feel it! If I don't then I'm willing to be "MOTIVATED"..."
If only I could take back what I said...
I had a few goes and got closer and closer. However time was against me and the darkness began to envelope and a sense of panic and fear started to creep in.
The video below illustrates what has now been etched in you can imagine there is only ONE person who isn't laughing.



The MOTIVATOR - First Blood!:


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