Thursday, 2 June 2011

VIDEO: BIG NEWS.. Greg finally bags his first European 7B!!

Video: Greg on Fire with fire 7B

Ok guys,
I'm sure those of you who have been following the epic Operation Beastmaker tale know the trials and tribulations that have sometimes put a downer on things. For me it was most definitely the persistent injury that I was carrying literally from day 1!

Well good news at last. The left hand is starting to feel strong again and my efforts to rehabilitate it appear to have paid off.

From the start of the journey I always wanted to tick that all important "first European 7B" but many things seemed to conspire against my efforts. With renewed energy and feeling strong I set an amazing overhanging boulder in my sights. The name of the boulder is "Fire with fire" and is situated on a hill in the Zillergrund Wald area of Zillertal, Austria. After working out the sequence during a relatively short evening session I came back the following day to send it. It went better than expected and on Tuesday I sent it first go!! I couldn't have wished for a better line to help me get over that 7B hurdle.

Check out the video I put together (I have spent the last 4 hours or so listening to screaming children in McDonald's, so hopefully it has been worth it!)



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